Guru Sidero Complete Bike XL (60cm) - 2013

Guru Sidero Complete Bike XL (60cm)
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A bastion of custom frame materials for decades, steel has been taken into the modern era of craftsmanship by Guru with the Sidero. By varying the tube shapes and wall thicknesses, Guru is able to fine-tune steel's legendary ride quality to your desired specifications and riding style. Plus, the Sidero's low frame weight means it climbs and accelerates with the best, while maintaining ride-all-day comfort and compliance. Plus, the Sidero comes with a full-carbon fork for a well-balanced, sharp-handling ride. And, Guru customizes every model it makes to deliver an exacting fit for perfect comfort and optimal speed. Want to go singlespeed? Fine. Belt drive? Check. Fenders, racks? No problem. S&S couplers so you can pack it on your next flight? Done. It's 100% yours.

Every human body is different. When you take into account elements such as height, weight, relative flexibility, muscular development, fitness level, training conditions and objectives, you end up with a unique set of needs for each cyclist.

If you are mass producing bikes, you make an abstraction of these differences and treat every rider like a number. Why? Because you have no choice when you don’t know who’s going to end up riding your product. In the case of the road cyclists illustrated below, that number would be a stock 56:

Each can be retrofitted to the same basic frame using stem lengths, head tube spacers and/or saddle adjustments. These adjustments, however, can result in handling issues, high-speed wobbling or a shift in weight distribution that negatively affects overall performance. Different body types, different potential, different goals…the same bike? Guru doesn’t think so.

Guru believes a high performance bike should be made to fit the individual—not the other way around. Their firsthand experience making bikes for thousands upon thousands of individuals has taught them that cycling performance is a dynamic, multivariate phenomenon that balances out a number of key characteristics. And that every cyclist has an ideal “soulmate” when it comes to optimizing that performance. Based on a rider’s specific morphology and story, Guru designs and handcrafts a custom bicycle that unleashes the full potential of that individual.

Thus, for the hypothetical riders depicted above, Guru would actually make three distinct frame designs:

Cyclist #1 – Century Rider: This rider’s bike design would be based on a classic geometry for all-around performance. The wheelbase would be made slightly longer to facilitate long-range stability. The head tube would also be lengthened to accommodate this particular individual’s preference for a more upright position.

Cyclist #2 – Über Climber: Long femurs and a short torso lead to a relaxed seat angle. This rider wants a stable, predictable bike to fly downhill, so Guru would lower the bottom bracket height, stretch out the chainstays to balance out the weight distribution and cap it off with a relaxed head angle and matching (long) rake.

Cyclist #3 – Crit Beast: Start with the obvious: this rider has short, powerful legs to go with an extended torso. Guru would consequently opt for a steep seat angle and short chainstays to match. From there, a higher bottom bracket, steep head angle and short fork rake would be selected to optimize handling and maximize speed in the turns. Given this individual’s girth, Guru also would go with a beefed-up carbon layup configuration (or equivalent rider-tuned titanium/steel tubing) to handle the extra wattage.

Painstaking attention to detail like this is certainly not the easiest way to make a bicycle, but it produces something special: An incredibly efficient, comfortable machine that’s perfectly suited and absolutely balanced to you for the ride of your life.


Guru offers a wide selection of stock and custom paint finishes as shown above (this is just a sample; some colors shown may not be available on this bike/frame model). Contact us for more information on availability, details and pricing.


Frame Columbus Spirit steel
Fork Guru carbon monocoque
Rims HED Belgium C2
Hubs Miche
Tires Hutchinson Equinox
Crankset Campagnolo Athena 175mm
Chainrings Campagnolo XPSS 50/34
Rear Cog(s) 11/28
Handlebars Ritchey 44cm
Stem Ritchey Axis 110mm
Brakes Campagnolo Athena
Saddle Fizik Aliante
Seatpost Ritchey Classis

* Subject to change without notice.


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