Demo Saddles

Moment Bicycles Demo Saddle Program!

As avid cyclists, we know how important it is for a rider to have the right saddle. A seat with the perfect shape, cushion, and curve does volumes for any roadie or triathlete, allowing for longer quality training time. And if your saddle is distractingly uncomfortable, it can take away from the joy of riding or even cut your ride short. However, it takes most people more than a few minutes to determine if a saddle is going to work for them day in and day out. This is why we offer a large portion of the saddles we carry as part of our demo program.

Here's how it works: You rent any saddle that we have in our demo selection. We'll install the saddle on your bike and adjust it to the perfect height and tilt. Then you ride the heck out of that saddle for a week. If that saddle is the one, then you get that saddle! If it is not right, then you try out another one for another week, and continue to test saddles until you find one that suits you the best!

Important Rental Information

  • Demo saddles can be picked up as early as 4:30pm the day prior to the start of the trial period. Saddles must be returned by 4:00pm on the last day of the rental period.
  • Please call or stop into the shop to schedule subsequent trials to avoid paying late fees. Due to the popularity of our program, late fees for keeping a saddle past its return date apply and are $20 PER DAY.
  • If a saddle is returned damaged, customer will be responsible for paying a damage fee amounting to the full retail price of the saddle. Late fees and damage fees cannot be applied toward a purchase.
  • If a new saddle is not purchased from Moment Bicycles, the $25 program fee is not refunded.
Example: Rental Period 4/14/16-4/17/16
Earliest Pick-Up Time 4:30pm on 4/13/16
Latest Drop-Off Time 4:00pm on 4/17/16